Paul Dunki

Who is Paul Dunki Jacobs?

Paul, that’s me….a project maker, and sometimes a songwriter, a sculptor and a painter and recently a writer.

There is more to tell, but we’ll go there when we meet.

I look forward to that moment….but….will we actually meet?
The odds are 50/50……either we meet, or we don’t.

What time shall we meet, if we meet at all? And where?
Ah, now we’ve entered the realm of a ‘trillion possibilities’.
Quantum physics.

So, I guess we should simply agree on one thing…that is meeting…let’s
say somewhere on the corner of solar and milky. The best thing
would be to do this during this lifetime…just show up…say around 3 pm.
I’ll be there.
Will you?

c u when i c u


I was born on the 27th of October of the great year of 1952 in Indonesia (one’s education starts from the moment of one’s birth). When I reached the  “mature age” of one whole year, my father and mother moved back to The Netherlands…relax…they took me with them.

HBS-b (Highschool) somewehere in the 60’s-70’s in Coevorden, The Netherlands.

BSc Tropical Agriculture 1973-1977, in Deventer, The Netherlands.

In 1977 I travelled to Colombia and worked for 12 years in agriculture (cotton, tobacco, flowers), in stuff like research, sales and extension.

In 1989 I returned to The Netherlands, where I worked for a Horticulture Training Facility until 2000, teaching things like crop protection and greenhouse climate control

During all these years I read many books and followed several courses on ‘understanding life’…and I must say that I found many answers.

I also learned (we are still talking education here) a great many things from my two wonderful (ex) wives and my three fantastic children, as well as my friends. The only enemy I have is me…but I am starting to like him.

In 2000 I quit my job ‘cause I felt it was time for what I wanted from life’ (instead of the other way around).

From that moment on I dedicated my time and energy to sculpturing (bronze), songwriting (mainly lyrics), writing books and painting. Very educational, I can asure you.
It all started at a foundry, where I helped out for several years and where I learned the skills of casting, mould making etc. During these marvelous years I made many sculptures. It was a great time

I picked up songwriting, bookwriting and painting as I went along.

In 2008 I started working seriously on the preparations of my Tero Lumoj project (creating art through telepathy between byer and artist), that actually started in March 2009. I am sure I will learn many things from this project and the people involved.

As you read this sentence we are beyond 2009 and I can tell you that Tero Lumoj did not really work. Apart from a pilot project that was met with much enthusiasm from the participants I wasn’t able to make it work in the real world. It’s not that the world wasn’t ready, it was that I wasn’t ready. What I learned was that I shouldn’t do things when I am not ready for them. In other words, that I’d better obey this little mighty voice inside.


locatie: Kunstplein Nijverdal

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